Black & Green

Hello there my dear readers and fellow bloggers, long time no see 😉 🙂 !

Since becoming a Mom a year and half ago I find it quite difficult to organize my time and prepare new blog posts, but hopefully, as my baby girl gets bigger I  will manage to devote more time to my fashion ventures.

Couple of years ago I was putting a lot of effort into my outfits, but these days the most important thing is (*shudders*) practicality. This dress was a gift from my dear friend and fashion inspiration, Helena from POPPY Design. In times when I don’t have time to think what will I wear I just put on this wonderful dress and I’m ready to go!

For me, It’s the perfect combo of my favorite colors, black and green, and I tend to pair it with my “Kiss by Gustav Klimt” handbag which I made couple of years ago. Since Helena was a person who gave me my first sewing materials and encouraged me to make my own handbags I found this dress and bag a perfect match!

Kisses from Dina and my wonderful photographer Stela!














“Kiss by Gustav Klimt” handmade bag


Dress by POPPY design


Necklace from “Kamena Duga”


Leather boots from “Je*s”




:* :*


3 thoughts on “Black & Green

  1. Predivna kombinacija:) Haljina je jako lijepa….Torba mi se jako sviđa, to mi je inače jedan od najdražih motiva i uvijek volim vidjeti reprodukcije ove slike.
    Kako je curica? Već godina ipo…vrijeme leti, na djeci se to najbolje vidi 🙂

  2. Draga Ivana hvala ti na komentaru ❤! Postovi su se prorijedili, a vrijeme sa bebushom leti, ne mogu virovat, da joj je vec godina i pol! Nadam se da si dobro, puno poljubaca iz Splita!

  3. Cute outfit! I love the touch of green on the dress and the fun swingy shape! Your craftsmanship on the bag looks excellent. I don’t have a child, but as I get older I find myself dressing more practically, especially in terms of warm coats and flat shoes. What I love about fashion is that there are ways to make even practical outfits stylish! 🙂

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