Split 3D

My pregnancy and this unbelievable heat wave have taken the best of me, but after a month long hiatus from blogosphere it is finally time for new blog post 🙂 !

Today’s post will feature something exciting and new that happened in our hometown last month – SPLIT 3D STREET ART FESTIVAL!
I would have been a shame not to use the art created by the wonderfully talented young street artists and try and combine it with an equally “urban” outfit.

…and in their own words:

SPLIT 3D Street Art Festival is a non-profit event where artists draw 3D images with chalk on the sidewalk. This peculiar way of drawing is known as the “one-point view” because the full visual impression is obtained only from a certain angle. It originated from the tradition of “Madonara”, artist of sacred images in Italy. Bard of the modern variants of artists is Kurt Wenner.

SPLIT 3D STREET ART FESTIVAL 2015 in it’s first year of organization, devoted exclusively for promoting anamorfism, the art of the 21st century, with the goal of educating young artists from Split and with a mission to become a traditional festival as the best promoter of Split, Dalmatia.”

Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures, kisses from Split!





Blog3 Blog2 Blog7Graffiti hand made dress by Arka Hand Made, Croatia

Blog6 Blog5



Blog1 Djela5



detalj4 Detalj3 Detalj2 detalj1 Blog8 Blog11

Orange themed purse by Betsey Johnson


Leather sandals by Guliver shoes, Croatia

Blog10Bracelet by Kamena Duga, Croatia



“Take what you need”  perfect patchwork bicycle

Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures 🙂

8 thoughts on “Split 3D

  1. Wow, you look amazing! I’m probably the last to know that you were pregnant but you certainly have that pregnancy glow! Looking great and rocking that baby bump!
    This festival looks amazing and artful. Glad you had a great time!

  2. divna kombinacija…obožavam boje!…a i vidim neku odličnu tetovažu koju nisam prije primijetila:)
    drago mi je da sam barem virtualno , zahvaljujući tebi, vidjela ovu famoznu 2D uličnu izložbu:)

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