Mermaid’s Song

In today’s post I’m so happy and proud to continue the collaboration with fantastic artisan jewelry store located in my hometown Split – “Salt” – and it’s author, Lara.

In last week’s post you could see a stunning colorful necklace named “My Gipsy Soul”, and today you can see my personal favorite – necklace appropriately named “Mermaid’s Song”. I love colors and my wardrobe is always a bit on the epileptic side, but I couldn’t resist the sheer beauty in the simplicity of these three materials: silver, coral and turquoise – materials behind every true sea mermaid.

All the pictures were taken near the hill Marjan in my hometown Split, hope you’ll like them!

Dina, a.k.a. Miss Dee


An inspiration behind “Salt” artisan jewelry, by it’s maker, Lara:

I have lived on different continents and have traveled to many places and parts of the world, and discovered amazing sites of nature and enjoyed various, cultures, folks and their values. Inspired by their beauty, energy and spirit I learned to express my inspiration by what touched and moved me the most. My jewelry pieces are materialized reflections of my memories and experiences.


DSC_0957 aBehind the materials Lara uses in her little masterpieces:

I love the colors, textures and the amazing genuine stones and the ability to transform them into beautiful creations. With the contemporary beads I like to combine aged or traditional components and artifacts, because of the mystery and stories they hold. Some of them are exotic beads from throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Sub-Sahara of Africa. These traveled through time and history and give every adornment a special touch and character.

DSC_0962A necklace made for a true sea nymph by “Salt” artisan jewelry

Story behind “Mermaid’s Song” necklace:

Treasures of the land and sea, turquoise and coral, create a vibrant harmony on this ocean-themed artisan necklace. The stunning focal piece, the sea shell pendant, was acquired in the mountains of northern Thailand. Famous Karen Hill tribes are located in this area referred to as the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, former Burma, all come together. It is where the gifted silversmiths of Karen Tribe individually create each stunning peace. Often the bead-making process is the work of the entire village. It is known as a cottage industry where each person, old and young, doing it’s part and helping each other to support the whole family.

Adorned with the fine silver shell pendant this magnificent necklace provides a sensation of the oceanic fairy tale. It is worthy a mermaid, a sea nymph, or a sea princess. Genuine turquoise is from Arizona, carved coral from Indonesia, silver from Karen Hill Tribe Fine Silver.

DSC_0969Silver sea shell pendant – detail



DSC_0955Shoes by the Spanish brand “Ria Menorca”, bought at Je*s store in Split – super chic and what is more important – super comfortable (approved by a very pregnant lady 😉 )

DSC_0971Story behind Lara’s creations:

Each piece of jewelry I design is deeply personal I would describe the most distinctive character of my creations as synergy of contrasts, where the sum of individual components creates an effect of a unique harmony. These handcrafted pieces of artisan jewelry give you the chance to appreciate your own little precious piece inspired by a world’s history, culture, geography and ethnicity.


DSC_0973Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures 🙂 – do check her blog about old Hollywood divas!

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