The Garden Party


Hello everyone!
No, it’s not Miss Dee, but rather her loyal photographer/friend Stela. I’ll start the post of a happy note and say that Miss Dee and her hubby became proud parents of a gorgeous baby girl on August 18th, 2015! Congratulations Miss Dee!

So, for now, Miss Dee is on maternal leave and with a little help from her friends, this blog will continue as usual. I can only say I hope we can meet Miss Dee’s high standards of fashion, love and everything in between. We’ll try our best! 🙂

Anyway, on to the post, the final one with Miss Dee for now (the photos were taken during her pregnancy). Enjoy!

In May 2015, a special kind of coffee bar opened here in Split, called Perivoj (translated from Croatian it means “park”. In a town with literary hundred of coffee bars, what makes this one so special?
Well, it is the location – it is situated in a old Split town house, dating back from 1922. The house was a brain child of the noted Split architect, Kamilo Toncic. He also designed the surrounding park and tended to it well into his old age. After his death, the house and garden was left to waste for a very long time. In 2014 some industrious people decided to turn it into a coffee bar cum restaurant. They tried to preserve the original feel of the house, giving it a decidedly 1920s vibe with a modern twist. The garden was also renovated to be as similar as possible to it’s original configuration.


Perivoj boasts a first class chef and a delicious variety of Mediterranean food. A special treat for all sugar lover is that Perivoj also has an exquisite selection of pastries and cakes, made by the famous Croatian pastry chef Tea Mamut.

Miss Dee and myself visited Perivoj countless times, and decided to make a photo shoot on one of the visits.


Zara Kids (!) chiffon flower patterned dress, H&M beige pants



The sweetest bump 🙂

DinaPerivoj14Look at the backside! Ruffles, ruffles


And of course, the accessories…


Glasses – mandatory accessory on a blazing summer day


Wonderful Robert Sever bag, already seen in the Made in Croatia post




Colorful! The bracelet with the pendant is from Barcelona, in typical Antonio Gaudi style


S.Oliver wedges


That is all for now, see you next time!



Stela 🙂

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