Blast From the Past

My fashion maternity leave is still on, but Stela and Ivna are doing quite a good job on this little fashion blog, don’t you think so? This post is quite fascinating – Ivna was pictured on very same locations and in same outfit like her mother 30 years ago – “Blast from the past” indeed!

I hope you will enjoy reading it as I did!

Big kisses, Dina a.k.a. Miss Dee

PocetnaSLikaHi! It’s Ivna, this is my first blog post so bear with me!

In my younger years, especially during adolescence, I swore that I would never be like my mom. Interesting how things change. Through the years we became really good friends, so I can say that „like mother like daughter“ sounds more like a compliment today.

As you could see with her black wedding grown in one of the previous posts – she’s got style! Not too long ago I have found a old photo album and decided to recreate it with a similar outfit and on the same location – the ruins of ancient Salona.

Step into time machine and hold tight-ready, steady, GO!!

First, something about the location!

Ancient Salona was Dalmatia’s largest and most important city two thousand years ago. Salona was originally a fortified Illyrian settlement on the shore of a wide bay. The Greek colonists established a trading post nearby in about 3rdcentury BCE. As the Romans invaded the area, possession of Salona and the other settlements in the area went back and forth, eventually all being absorbed into the Roman Empire. Because of its strategic position, it became the capital city of the province of Dalmatia. Salona remained as a Roman city into the 5th and 6th centuries. It was finally abandoned in the 7th century, when it was destroyed by the incoming Avars and Slavs. Its people fled to the islands, or to the shelter of Diocletian’s fortified palace, where they built the core for the city of Split (where we live today).

TusculumThe Salona in situ museum

We are going to the Tusculum garden with more of the finds from Salona on display. Tusculum was built in 1898 with its somewhat random use of ancient stonework as ornamentation! Some of these are finds from Salona, others come from the old belfry of the Split cathedral.


The Tusculum Garden

Well, this was quite enough history trivia, it is time for some clothes, then and now!




FINALJoinNovaAs you can see, Salona didn’t change that much in the last 30 years!

What about some solo photos?


Roman goddess of wine? 


Hey, it’s that man again!!

FINALSolo4Roman statue comes to life with plenty of style!

FINALSolo2As always, accessories make half of the outfit…


Brain on hold necklace (how fitting 😛 )


A big smile and some sunglasses!


Casual combo with Le Coq Sportif sneakers


Gotta keep watch of the time!

Let’s talk about the parallels between the outfits. The 1970s were a period when women could finally wear whatever they wanted. Sure, gender roles still played a part in wardrobe choices, but compared to previous generations, women’s fashion was nothing short of revolutionary.

70s’ fashion took on a multitude of different styles and influences. The popularity of the mini skirt was challenged in the early 70s and a group of (male) truckers even organised a campaign to bring it back. What a campaign, ha! The mini remained popular in the early years of the 70s, but women now could choose between, mini, midi, (mid-calf length) or maxi (full length) skirts.

MidiDress1Design patterns of skirts in the early 1970s


Mini skirted women protested midi, Miami 1970

The mini skirt might have been popular, but the midi skirt was, and still remains, a wardrobe staple. It’s a perfect skirt that can work in all styles – business, casual, night out. The combination of a midi skirt and crisp shirt is a great one for both business and casual daytime looks.


Ali McGraw in a blouse, midi skirt and boots. So fabolous, so 70s!


Marisa Berenson in a white pleated midi skirt

MiddiDress5Midi skirt today

MidiDress4White is always in!

MidiDress3A combo the the midi skirt and a shirt is still a winner!

Yes, it’s pretty obvious all fashion comes back, sooner or later. Wonder when the petticoats are gonna be in again 😛 ?

That’s all for now!

Kisses, XO XO



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