Pink blockage

I have never been afraid of colors in my wardrobe, and on one occasion I got a comment from a person looking at the contents of my closet that she would get an epileptic seizure 😉 – for me that was the best compliment ever! I love to play with different colors, mostly with greens and blues, but my basic colors are always black during the winter days, and white during the summer. Color blocking is a great fashion trend with rules of combining colors in your everyday outings, but without going overboard.








Skelanimals handbag


Desigual dress


Handmade earrings bought in Sarajevo





“Color Blocking”  involves combining two or more “blocks” of colors in one look. No patterns,  no stripes,  no polka dots, just solid blocks of color.

color blockcolor-block-fashion-trend-2012

Examples of color blocking outfits

You can color block with clothes, handbags, makeup and accessories, giving every woman a lot of options. This trend does require a little bit of thought. It can easily go wrong and end up like something that just doesn’t work.



Piet Mondrian inspired color blocking

Using black or white as a base allows the other colors to pop all the more, and it will give a perfectly styled look.When color blocking, it is not recommended to combine more than three colors.

Accessories, particularly a big belt, chunky jewelry and eye-catching shoes are an ideal way to take color blocking to another level.



zigi-soho-tarion-color-block-sandals-blue-turquoise-orange-beige-zara-basic-look-a-likesColor block accessoires

Bright, patterned prints, like scarves and belts, can also spruce up a color-block ensemble, provided you let the colors in the print dictate what colors you put together..

Considering figure flattery, the old rule is that bright colors attract, and dark colors conceal. A vibrant jacket and flats will ensure that no-one focuses on your hips and thighs. It is better to use  similar shades, with the same color intensity, for example pairing brights with brights.

Louise Markey-COLORsandra-bullock-gravity-venice-film-festival-alex-perry-h724Sandra Bullock in Alex Perry color block dress

Color blocking is about being adventurous and bold, and trying something new. It is about experimenting and playing.


The Chordettes – Lollipop

Arctic Monkeys – Flourescent Adolescent


Pics by Miss Stella, music by Miss Nina

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