The Gloved One

Honore de Balzac once said: „Woman is the most charming creature, who changes her heart as easily as she does her gloves.”

There is something rather special in gloves. We often carry handbags, and wear shoes, belts and even hats, but gloves…not so much. Gloves had a huge role in fashion and in development of man kind, but they have always been a bit special. Firstly worn for protection in cold winter days, later they developed into a status symbol. I would give anything to live in the days when it was perfectly normal to wear gloves to the theatre, parties, dinners…even just walking around town. So these days cold weather is the perfect excuse to let my glove collection do all the talking! These black and red leather gloves are the first pair of gloves I have ever bought…they protect my hands of course, but with them I feel elegant, special and a bit devilish all at the same time :).




Arka Hand Made wool cap





The Art Company boots


Zara leather gloves





Koke, Šibenik wool jacket and Desigual wool skirt

The history has a lot of facts of using the gloves in ancient times. They were first worn by cavemen to protect their hands – a glove with fingers and a gauntlet covering the forearm.

They were popular and served as a protection of the hands in Old Egypt. The Pharaohs wore them as s symbol of their high position, and women wore them to protect the beauty of their hands.

The Romans put the gloves on while eating. These gloves were made from linen and silk. It was safe to take hot meat because the Romans did not use forks in those times. Such kind of gloves was called «Digitalia» and they were also used for cooking.

In England after the Norman Conquest, royalty and dignitaries wore gloves as a badge of distinction.

gloves 160015th century royal gloves

The glove became meaningful as a token; it became custom to fling a gauntlet at the feet of the adversary and and inviting satisfaction by duel. The glove to challenge personal battle became an integral part of English Law for nearly 800 years. It was a right any free man could claim.

But receiving a glove from a woman had a different meaning. It was a symbol of a great benevolence and favor. The knight wore this symbol on his neck in a special bag and never left it.

In the 12th Century gloves became a definite part of fashionable dress. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, no well-dressed woman would appear in public without them. Gloves were becoming more accessible to the common people and their popularity grew.

eliz1_magnifQueen Elizabeth I with one of her many pair of gloves

In the 16thand 17th century gloves were extravagantly ornamented; after the 17th Century however, the emphasis was on proper fit, and gloves became less ornamented.

imagesBy the 17th Century, London had become the hub of the glove trade on which apprentices and journeymen, seeking a wider experience, converged.

In the 20-th century the industry of gloves production was dramatically changed. The gloves were a symbol of elegance and a symbol of a true lady, who wore the gloves, a hat and pants the whole year.

nina-leen-maeve-brennan-of-harpers-bazaar-examining-a-pair-of-white-glovesGlove fitting

obsolete-fashion-gloves2Gloves during the 50s with famous pink gloves worn by Marilyn Monroe in movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

o_MPP50178Memorable long sleeved gloves worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

gloves-pngildadress_bRita Hayworth in Gilda – famous Put the blame on Mame scene


Elizabeth Taylor with her white dame gloves

Sunburned hands meant belonging to a working class in 1930-s years.The top of it was in 1968.This accessory was recognition of a bourgeois symbol, a symbol of official relations, riches and hypocrisy.

Blonde Beauties

Julie Christie, Ursula Andress and Catherine Deneueve  with their perfectly fitted gloves during the 60s

ipad-art-wide-Queen-gloves-2-420x0Gloves icon, Queen Elizabeth II

Black gloves were worn at funerals, yellow gloves were worn during the hunting and white gloves were worn at balls.

1950s-Winter-White-Gloves-by-jessjamesjake-on-Etsy-elegant-vintage-write-length-keyhole-whiteWhite ballroom gloves

Thread gloves were also worn by waiters. The gloves were put on at home because it was bad manners to put them on in public.

mjackson_gloves3_V_26jun09_PA_320x480Michael Jackson with his trademark sequin covered white glove


Dr. Frank-N-Furter played by Tim Curry knows how to wear his gloves 🙂

1992Catwoman doesn’t go anywhere without her latex pair of gloves 🙂


Gloves are not reserved only for women

normal_04Big gloves lover, Lady Gaga

“A glove is the emblem of the faith” – Sir Walter Scott


Gilda – Put the blame on Mame scene

Robin Hood – Man In Tights: Challenge To A Duel scene


Pics by Miss Stela

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