Happy First Birthday “Miss Dee STyle” Blog :) !

Today “Miss Dee STyle” blog celebrates it’s first birthday! Even writing that sentence makes me feel emotional on so many levels. Having a fashion blog and be able to share my love for everything colorful and unique was an idea for a long period of time, but a year ago I finally decided to give it a try. It started like a very small and humble page with rather modest viewing statistics, but like a small child it started to grow up and have a life of it’s own 🙂

It brought me so many new friends and acquaintances, primarily from Croatia and Bosnia, and later from the rest of the world.

The main goal of “Miss Dee STyle” was to show my love for clothing, fashion and handcrafts. I consider myself a rather geeky woman so behind every post, behind every picture has to be a story, a certain theme, something that inspires me in my everyday life. All of the outfits were inspired by something – movies, books, painters, historical events or persons – I love and admire.

I wanna thank every single one of you for reading these posts, watching these pictures, your comments…they all mean a world to me!

My husband, my family, my friends are such a great inspiration and I wanna thank them for their support 🙂

Last, but most important thank you goes to my friend and photographer Stela who always encourages me and through this time was my biggest supporter! Thank you girlie!

For today’s birthday post I decided to put the pictures of all the looks featured in the blog in it’s first year. Below every picture is a link for the blog post in which that particular look was featured –  hope you’ll enjoy it!

Kisses from Miss Dee !


1. Made in England   2. Full Color  3. Rocky Horror


1. For the Love of Tartan  2. Put on Your Red Shoes  3. Work it Girl!


1. Modern Time Elf  2. Pink Blockage  3. The Gloved One


1. Frida Forever  2. She’s a Lady  3. Miss Ava, True Femme Fatale


1&2. Dreams of Asia  3. She Wore Blue Velvet


1. Being Edward Scissorhands 2. Equestrians do it Better  3. A Night at the Theatre


1. Always trust a Librarian 2. Rock and Roll Star pt 2  3. Rock and Roll Star pt 1


1. Step aside, Wonder Woman is here  2&3. Stop bugging me Beetlejuice


1. “Wuthering Heights” on my Mind  2. Flapper Girl  3. She gives me Needles and Pins


1. Times are Hard for Dreamers, Amelie  2. Pop Art stole my Heart  3. Are you ready, Freddie?


1. Made in Croatia  2. Splendor in the Grass  3. Plastic Fantastic


1. The (T)rench Connection  2. Pretty Pleat  3. Spring Bomb


1. Fashion. Art. Medicine. Dee.  2. Sailor Girl  3. “Let Them Eat Fruit !” – first summer bag collection by Miss Dee


1&2&3. “Let Them Eat Fruit !” – first summer bag collection by Miss Dee


1&2&3. Dolce Vita – Vintage Festival 2014.


1. Gladiator Khaleesi  2. Heart of Glass  3. Queen of the Jungle


1. Mediterraneo  2. She is so….Desigual  3. Strap on !


1. Lilacs and Parasols  2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – second wedding anniversary 3. Zip It !


1. Girl Who Fell on Earth  2. Green is the Warmest Color  3. Eternal Bag- a-holic


1. Dee in Wonderland  2. Le Petit Prince  3. Tree of Life


1&2. I am Catwoman. Hear me Roar!  3. Oxford Babe




Happy Birthday Miss Dee STyle !!!

23 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday “Miss Dee STyle” Blog :) !

  1. sretan rođendan draga tvom divnom i posebnom blogu na kojem uvijek naučim nešto novo i upoznam se s malim umjetničkim djelima, obrtima i dizajnerima:) za koje inače ne bi čula.
    sve najbolje tvome blogu<3
    veliki pozdrav

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