These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Winter has finally arrived in my home town Split, and gave me the perfect reason to pull out of my wardrobe all the wonderful coats and boots which were waiting patiently for their time of the year. It is essential to have nice and quality black boots and black coat in your wardrobe. They are easy to combine for work or casual outings, and can be quickly changed with a simple touch of nice shawl or some statement jewelry.

If you are a regular on this blog it is not to hard for you to notice that I’m in love in everything bright and colorful – Winter time will not stop me in that affection, you can be sure in that 🙂 ! These leather and wool boots by Spanish brand The Art Company are everything I can ask in my Winter boots –  warm, high-quality, comfortable, bright  and unique – I feel so happy while wearing them 🙂

What are yours favorites winter favorites, do tell !

Until the next year, I wish you all happy New Year – 2014 was great, and I can’t wait to meet 2015!

Kisses, Dee





Brocade tunic dress by Desigual, bought on E-bay






Leather boots by Spanish brand The Art Company, bought at MASS store, Croatia


Desigual dress – details


Leather gloves by Zara, bought in Graz, Austria eight years ago


Wool cap by Desigual, bought on E-bay; Turquoise earrings by Kamena Duga, Croatia; Malachite necklace by Viletina Art and Design, Croatia


Tote Kitty bag by Zara, bought in Graz, Austria eight years ago



Green Coat by Zara



Colored Winter boots – my selection 🙂 :

Although boots were a popular style of women’s footwear in the Nineteenth Century, they were not recognized as a high fashion item until the 1960s.



1960s colorful boots

The early 70s were typified by tight-fitting, vinyl boots rising to the knee or higher. In contrast to the preceding decade, the 1980s saw a sharp decline in the popularity of high-legged boots. Instead, ankle boots in a variety of styles were particularly popular, as were low-heeled, calf-length, pull-on styles.

Boots are the one item we can’t live without in these cold winter days. They keep us warm and in a matter of seconds they can give us country, equestrian, chic or rock and roll vibe! They will give elegant look to our casual jeans outfit, and make our winter skirts and dresses more wearable. Classic one colored pair is a must, but if you are a color fanatic like me, a dash of colored booties will ad a little bit of spring vibe in these grey and cold day!

Colorful boots for sale in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Boots found on the streets of Istanbul


Dr. Martens boots


Vintage 80s booties from Etsy

texas boot company

Country vibe from The Texas Boot Company


Colored boots heaven from Desigual


What about these – for the rain or for the disco – nowhere without some colors 🙂

terra plana

Beautiful booties by Terra Plana

Enzo Angiolini - Zeller Black Suede Knee BootsBoots by Enzo Angiolini

Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures 🙂

15 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

  1. I’m with you on this, I think people dress far too much in black and grey in winter and I hate it. If people dressed in bright colours and pastels, winter would be a far more welcoming time. Ankle boots are my staple and I wear them almost all year round. Happy new year!

    • So glad we agree on this Selina – I really can’t understand why are bright colors reserved for spring and summer and the dark ones for the winter – it is such a a depressing thing go out on this cold weather and to see everyone dressed in black – definitely not my cup of tea 🙂 ! Kisses, and I wish you great 2015 !

  2. I just love your winter look! I love that you stayed colorful and fabulous! That coat and dress are just amazing! Great way to stand out in a sea of black! My winter essential is always having a few great coats as they should be just as fabulous as the outfit you have underneath!


    • Thank you Rebecca for your beautiful comment! I totally agree with you – why have a really great outfit and hide it behind some colorless, bland coat – I think we are on the same page here 🙂 ! Kisses and happy New Year from Croatia!

  3. ova kombinacija je stvarno odlična, sve se tako dobro slaže…što se mene tiče uvijek je super vidjeti boje zimi.

    Čizme su super. Art obuća je jako kvalitetna, a u shoe be do dućanu u gradu naletjela sam i na jedne cipele nosens (isto španjolska marka) koje su najudobnije kožne cipele koje sam imala, baš sam tražila još par puta doli, ali nisam našla nešto slično.

    • Hvala ti Ivana – u svako godišnje doba moj moto je – “Sto sarenije, to bolje!” Ove Art cizmice su vjerojatno jedne od mojih najudobnijih postola – Spanjolci znaju kako proizvest kvalitetnu i otkacenu cipelu – ja sam svoje kupila u MASS-a. Hm, nisam cula za marku Nosens, bas cu ih malo potrazit kad budem svratila do Shoe-be-do-a! Kiss!

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