Shoe Gal

Couple of weeks ago I decided to make a collage of all the handbags, shoes and jewelry I wore in my posts till this date. I already published handbags post (What About that Bag?), and enjoyed so much in making today’s post – it is really great to see all these shoes in one place!

I choose the title of the post after an e-mail address of true shoe maniac, one and only Miss Carrie Bradshaw from TV-series Sex and The City.

So my questions are – How many shoes do you have, which shoe style do you prefer and what are your favorites in my collection?

Kisses from Dina AKA Miss Dee 🙂 !


 1. Made in England  2. FULL COLOR3. For the love of tartan, Equestrians do it Better & Lover of Life, Lover of Prints


1. Put on your red shoes  2. Work it Girl !  3. Modern time Elf & Miss Ava, True Femme Fatale


1. Frida Forever  2. She’s a Lady  3. She Wore Blue Velvet


1. A Night at the Theater  2. Always Trust a Librarian  3. Step aside, Wonder Woman is Here!


1. “Wuthering Heights” on my Mind  2. Flapper Girl  3. Times are hard for Dreamers, Amelie


1. Made in Croatia  2. Plastic Fantastic & Cloche Hats and Green – eyed Cats  3. Trench Connection


1. Pretty Pleat  2. Spring Bomb  3. Gladiator Khaleesi


1. Queen of the Jungle  2. Strap On 3. Mediterraneo


1. She is so Desigual  2. Lilacs and Parasols  3. Zip It !


1. Girl Who Fell On Earth  2. Green is the Warmest Color  3. Dee in Wonderland


1. Splendor in the Grass & Le Petit Prince  2&3. I am Catwoman. Hear Me Roar.


1. Rocky Horror & Oxford Babe  2. Grey Matter  3. Autumn Leaves


1. Eternal Bag-a-holic  2. Being Edward Scisorhands & She gives me Neddles and Pins & Instant Chic  3. Pop Art Stole my Heart & Diamonds and Backpacks


1. The Gloved One & These Boots are Made For Walkin’  2. Rock and Roll Star pt. 1 & Walking the A-line


1. Stockings Time  2. Stop Bugging me Beetlejuice & Urban Bohemian



14 thoughts on “Shoe Gal

  1. I love shoes but they don’t love me. I have very bad feet and have to wear sturdy shoes, no heels or flimsy sandals or heels, no wedges etc. Platforms are the only shoes with height I can wear, so those and Birkenstocks, some pairs of dolly shoes and boots. I have about 20 pairs of shoes (because of this restriction), those are my preferred styles and my favourites of yours are of course the boots and any brightly coloured pairs of shoes

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your feet problem! But fortunately in today’s fashion it is possible to find some of those perfect pairs even with certain restrictions! I always love your shoes choices on Lookbook! Thank you for commenting Selina!

  2. prelijepa kolekcija….ja ne trošim puno na odjeću, ali na obuću sam spremna potrošiti zato jer puno hodam pa mislim da je to dobra investicija…a držim se i onih babskih priča o toplim nogama i tako to:)

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