My Gipsy Soul

I’m always happy and proud to wear jewelry and clothing with a story behind them. In my life I try to find items that tell me something…and when I do find those kind of items and with them their creators…well the feeling is fantastic!

Recently in my hometown Split, thanks to my dear friend Gorana who works there, I discovered a beautiful jewelry store named “Salt” – and trust me, jewelry in that store really “speaks to me”!

The story behind today’s necklace is told by it’s creator Lara, and I hope you will like it 🙂


DSC_0849Printed skirt and shirt by Choies

DSC_0773Fascinating life story of jewelry’s creator Lara, in her own words:

Originally from Russia, I grew up in Siberia. Later I moved to Europe and started my own discovery of the world. I was always fascinated with distant places, different cultures, exotic people and their traditions. I was fortunate to travel to most amazing places in the world, and meet many wonderful people. The life journey is a fascinating venture by itself. After living for 15 years in the Caribbean my husband and I decided to move somewhere else and to start all over again. Changes and challenges are exciting, enriching, and keep your inspirations going. Besides I wanted to pursue my dream, – to quit my office jobs and dedicate time to my passion for creativity. Croatia always felt like a very special place to be. And so 2 years ago after spending one month traveling through Dalmatia, we knew undoubtedly, Split is the perfect place to live. It is not just about the stunning nature, rich culture, laid back life style, it is so much about people and the ambiance of life here. We are so privileged to be here, to life in this fantastic city, to have lovely friends, and to be able to combine passion with work.



DSC_0816Beyond beautiful necklace by handmade “Salt” artisan jewelry, Split

Story behind “My Gipsy Soul” necklace:

Vibrant and casual, this unconventional necklace is for a Bohemian fun-loving soul. Organic branch coral from Indonesia provide a pulsating frame for complementing beads and pieces, in diverse shapes, materials and colors. Nepalese copal, camel bone from Mauritania, Greek copper, brass and pewter, semi-precious fluorite and turquoise. Yet the most exciting elements are the array of glass beads from different continents, and from various ages. Anatolian glass, recycled glass beads and Krobo powder glass from Ghana, ancient Venetian Trade beads, Indian crow beads, vintage translucent White Heart beads. The collection of these little treasurers originate from Africa, Europe and Asia, and each of them is just like a little token brought from journeys through place and time.

DSC_0820Beaded earrings by “Salt” artisan jewelry, Split

DSC_0839Printed shirt by Choies – detail

DSC_0821Summer purse by Miss Dee Hand Made Bags

DSC_0829 Purple ballet flats by H&M


DSC_0801 DSC_0792 Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures 🙂

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