Rock and Roll Star – Part Two

Part two of Rock and Roll Star photo shoot was inspired by two amazing bands – The Doors and their front man, Jim Morrison and young British band, Arctic Monkeys. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Following text about the bands was written by my friend and fellow blogger Miss Nina at – do check her blog πŸ™‚ !



Fake leather pants by ZARA, leather ankle boots bought at Transport Footwear



Amazing leather and studs belt was a gift from my colleague



One of the most influential rock bands from America are The Doors. Taking their name from an Aldous Huxley novel, they not only had an impact with their unique sound, but also with the beautiful lyrics from the wild child that was Jim Morrison. Clearly the most prominent figure in the band, Jim became a voice of a generation of young people in search of a better and peaceful world for themselves.


In 7 years as the original four, they released 6 studio albums, and their debut album simply named The Doors is still considered as one of the best debut albums ever released. Each of the members of the band was a trained musician, except Jim, who couldn’t even read notes. The eclecticism of the various styles they played made the band’s sound quite specific and it certainly made them stand out among other bands of the same era. Ray Manzarek was a classically trained pianist, John Densmore was a jazz drummer, and Robby Krieger was a spanish guitar player.

jim morrison

As Morrison’s stage frantics grew, so did their popularity as well. Music wasn’t the only thing that was catching the eye of the public though, it was also the band’s sense of style, Morrison’s leather trousers in particular, with wide belts, that would accentuate his crotch. At least that’s was why he wore them. Β He would usually wear some sort of a white blouse so he could move around the stage easily. The other most stylish band member was Ray Manzarek, usually seen in sleek suits.


After Morrison’s sudden death in 1971, band continued for 2 more years and then called it a day. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 20 years later.

The Doors – The Soft Parade



Tweed jacket by Uzor (amazing Croatian fashion brand, which like many local brands is in constant struggle for survival 😦 )



Black tulle skirt by Ann Christine


Arctic Monkeys love Equestrian style πŸ™‚

Arctic Monkeys have only been around for 12 years, but they have become an important part of modern rock, often being quoted as an influence for many young bands. The way the band had risen to success was considered completely groundbreaking at the time, because giving out their demo CD’s at gigs was an opportunity for their fans to upload them and share amongst everyone on the internet, so their fanbase grew larger with every click.


It was not just the music that was appealing, it was the crafty and witty lyrics from the frontman Alex Turner, who’s often mentioned as the voice of a generation. Just turning 28, and already having 5 number 1 studio albums under his belt, plus several side-projects, he’s a true force of nature. He might be one of the best lyricists, but the band also has one of the best drummers, Matt Helders. Although they are two most prominent figures in the band, the group as a whole has evolved their sound with every new album, and at the same time their appearance.


alex turner arctic monkeysΒ Β Β  alex turner arctic monkeys 2

Dapper front man, Alex Turner

From Sheffield lads they became well-dressed gentlemen, topping the best-dressed lists and album charts at the same time. Their first album Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not is still the fastest selling rock debut of all time, also winning them the prestigious Mercury Award in 2006, among a heap of other awards they’ve been collecting with the release of every new album. Let’s hope they will keep bringing us many great albums in the years to come.

Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance

Special thanks to Miss Stela for all the computer wizadry πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Star – Part Two

  1. Great post. In my teens I was fanatical about the Doors, me and my sisters and brother would listen to them all day long if we could. It was nice to learn a little more about the Arctic Monkeys too,… I was very passionate about music and I regret losing touch with it as I grew older… This post made me realize that I should listen more to good music, so thanks!

    • Thank you Tany for a great comment….it is really easy to loose touch with music in today’s hectic life schedules, but good songs are always good songs and they reach us all over again – I hope this inspired you to find some old Doors records πŸ™‚

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