Autumn Leaves

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Here, in my hometown Split and surrounding area, we are mostly blessed with warm and sunny days – a perfect balance between the hot summer and cold winter.

But the colors!! I just love them. It is truly nature at it’s best – green, yellow, red and orange…heaven for my eyes. So today’s post is my homage to the wonderful Autumn shades – enjoy!

Kisses, Dee.






Printed dress by Gracija Boutique, Split




Handbag, bracelet and earrings by Arka Hand Made, Split



Yellow suede heels by Zara





Fall Fashion Trends – Red, Yellow and Green:

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but as we all know, some things are here to stay, stronger than ever. Main Autumn colors are shades of yellow, red and green. Every year we see different variations of these colors on fashion runways and big fashion stores around us.

Red is intense color. Cranberry shade presents a warm and bright cast of red, which serves as a lighter alternative to wine. Crimson shade sets a darker mood for the season with deeper casts of red, offering the most dramatic take on red this season.

wine-colored-fashionana sui ferragamo

Ana Sui and Salvatore Ferragamo



trends-fall-winter-2012-2013-burgundy-glam-chic-2-550x615 stella jean

Stella Jean



Fall 2011 Fashion Trends - Color Blocking

Yellow and Yellow-Orange are also the dominant colors of Autumn and as such have a strong appeal to our emotions. Psychologically Yellow is a color denoting happiness. Honey mustard is the most season-appropriate yellow hue with golden casts.

Roxy_Misted Yellow


As with Orange, Green is capable of a wide range of tonalities or shades. Green is the predominant color of vegetation and her darker shades are a must for Autumn trends.







O.P.I. burgundy nail polish – perfect fall shade

Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures 🙂 !

13 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Well sister, those autumn leaves are the best match for your dress! And I’m so inlove with the bag and the accessories, too!

      • Honestly, I’m a little jealous for your beautiful weather. It’s freezing here in Bulgaria! I can’t dress up in style right now because of the bad weather, and I’m so piled up with sweaters it makes me look like a whale! ❤ Kisses

      • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! If I can comfort you a little bit, they are calling the same type of weather here, starting at the end of the week, so I’m taking as much of the pictures that I can 🙂 ! Kisses!

    • Hvala ti Ivana na divnom komentaru, drago mi je da ti se svida kombinacija 🙂 ! Obožavam jesen..boje su predivne..posebno volim otici van grada, na selo, u prirodu i upijati sve te boje! Kisses!

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