Stockings Time

One of the things I really adore, and love to have an opportunity to wear in these cold days are stockings and tights. My collection is quite big, and while I have the classic ones in black, I always tend to buy those with some extra color or print on them (what a surprise 😉 ) ! This pair in mustard yellow is my favorite – perfect color to fight of dark winter shades, but also incredibly warm and comfortable!

Do you love to wear stockings or just avoid them all together, do tell !

Kisses from Miss Dee 🙂 !

PS. Thank you my dear husband for being photographer for a day ! :*




Winter jacket by Desigual, bought at Je*s store in Zagreb


Leather printed “Hygieia” handbag by Herman Design


Mustard yellow stockings by H&M





Tunic dress by Desigual, bought in Zadar




Earrings and bracelet by Alexis Bittar


Military ankle boots bought at MASS store




For me, one rather interesting fact is that men wore stockings before women even did, but they were called hose and by the twelfth century were a staple in a man’s wardrobe.

By the 16th century men’s tunics shortened so more of the leg was exposed. This pushed men to also feel that they needed to have nicer legs and the perfect par of tights. Do you remember Henry VIII 🙂 ?

250px-Henry-VIII-kingofengland_1491-1547Henry VIII, King of England

Before the 1940s, women would not leave the house without wearing a pair of silk stockings. In fact, it wasn’t considered appropriate to be bare-legged in public whatsoever unless you were at the beach.


1940’s stockings advert (source)

In the 1960’s when skirts were worn very short and many women began to wear tights (pantyhose) instead of stockings. Thankfully stockings have become fashionable again, and can be seen in fashion magazines and runway shows.

peggy moffitt

60s model Peggy Moffitt in her pink stockings


Always fashion forward – Sarah Jessica Parker


Beautiful stockings on the runway – dotty or green style? I want them all 🙂 !

betsy johnson

Design by Betsey Johnson

pamela mann

My all time favorite stockings designer – Pamela Mann

15 thoughts on “Stockings Time

  1. I always look forward to your posts because they are always fun, happy, and bright! I love mustard yellow too 🙂 I don’t wear that many stockings or tights, but when I do I have them in various colors because sometimes black ones just don’t cut it and I want color 🙂 xoxo Janet

  2. I hate bare legs on me, I have a huge drawer full of socks and tights. If I wear stockings, they are over tights because I feel naked having bare legs and thighs 😛 I don’t own any plain black pairs, only patterned black pairs and all colours. It’s the only way to wear black and grey dresses. Who wants boring black tights with black shoes and dress? People really do overlook tights as an afterthought but it can really make your outfit

  3. I know what you mean I love collecting tights as well! I have an entire dresser full of at least 250 pairs organized by colors! Very addictive! I adore your mustard ones here! They are so cute and perfect for the dull winter! They are sure to brighten anyone’s day! The whole outfit is wonderful! Love the dress!


    • Thank you so much Rebecca 🙂 ! i adore watching your colorful outfits on your blog and I noticed your awesome stockings collection – one thing is for sure – a girl can never have enough of them 😀 ! Kisses!

  4. ja bez njih ne mogu zamisliti zimu, baš sam se sjetila jednog lika iz Cantebury Tales…ona stara koja se zaljubila u nekog mladića zato što je imao predobre noge ( a to je bilo vidljivo bilo jer su tada muškarci nosili tajice) ….i još kada kažu da je stara književnost dosadna:)

    Sviđa mi se jako kombinacija…pregršt boja…i stvarno prelijepa jakna, nisam vidjela nijednu sličnu.

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