Always trust a librarian

Ever since I was a little girl, books have played an important role in my life. I learnt to read from a very young age, and my mother quickly realised that it is a  better option to buy me some books than toys  – I totally ignored my dolls 🙂 !

Books were a gate to some new, unknown worlds – and they still are. I cannot imagine a month without reading, and there are usually two or three books on my night table waiting for their turn.

Today I have a huge collection of books, but nothing cannot replace that special feeling of visiting libraries – librarian is one of my dream jobs. Some of my fondest childhood and adult memories are from my visits to the local libraries…what new world will I discover that day? Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Herbert’s Dune…or will I travel with Orient Express thanks to Agatha Christie…possibilities are endless…





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Following text was written by my fellow blogger Nina at

Here are some of the world’s most famous and most beautiful libraries.

Library of Alexandria, Egypt

First built in the 3rd century BC, the library used to be one of the most significant libraries in the ancient world, showing off the wealth of Egypt. It had meeting rooms, lecture halls, and gardens, and it was a part of the institution called the Musaeum of Alexandria. The old library was destroyed by many fires, one of which was set even by Julius Caesar.



The new library, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, is located near the site of the original ancient Library of Alexandria. It took them about 7 years and $220 million to finish the building, and the design chosen at a competition was of a Norwegian architectural office Snøhetta. The library is trilingual, containing books in Arabic, English, and French; and its shelf space is quite vast, it can fit about 8 million books! But it’s not just a library, it’s a whole complex with art galleries, museums, and a planetarium.

Fun fact: The library holds the only copy and external backup of the Internet Archive!

Trinity College Library, Ireland

trinity college old library

It is the library of Trinity College and the University of Dublin, and the largest library in Ireland (occupying several buildings), having the rights to receive material published in Ireland free of charge. The library began with the founding of Trinity College in 1592. Its most famous feature is the gorgeous Long Room (pictured above), which was built in the 18th century, and houses 200,000 of the oldest books. It is almost 65 m long. Besides books, you can also view marble busts of many great philosophers, writers, and people who supported the college. It also houses the oldest harp found in Ireland, dating back to the 15th century.

Bodleian Library, Oxford, England


One of the oldest libraries in Europe is the main research library of the University of Oxford, and second in size in Britan. Oxford scholars refer to it as Bodley or the Bod. The library occupies a group of 5 buildings, as well as underground stores built below parts of some of its buildings. Although the library first existed in the 14th century, it was not until 1602 that the current library was opened, thanks to Thomas Bodley, who supported the development of the old library by donating many of his own books.

hp - Duke Humfrey’s Library


The library has become a favourite location for filmmakers, and it’s especially noticeable in the first two Harry Potter films.

Fun fact: New readers are required to agree to a formal declaration before being granted access to the library.  There are ceremonies in which readers recite the declaration.

New York Public Library


The library is the 3rd largest in the world, with about 53 million items. It is situated on the famous Fifth Avenue, and it’s also known as the Schwarzman Building. The cornerstone was laid 1902, and 8 years and $9 million later, it was finished. They installed 121 km of bookshelves, and it took them a year to transfer all the books from two of New York’s largest public libraries founded before that. The library was opened in 1911, and it became the largest marble structure in the US at the time.

Its main reading room was the largest in the world, about 90 m long, with 15 m high ceilings. It is also become famous throughout the world because it’s been featured in many films, such as Ghostbusters, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Thomas Crown Affair, Sex and the City, etc.

Austrian National Library

Building of the Austrian National Library under picturesque cloudy sky Hofburg complex Vienna Austria

This is the largest library in Austria, holding over 7.4 million items in its collections. Until 1920 it was known as the Imperial Library. The entire complex also includes 4 museums: Globe Museum, Papyrus Museum, Esperanto Museum, National Library Museums . The origin of the institution is the 14th century, and it expanded over the centuries as the rulers and kings brought books and had books translated.


The Prunksaal, central structure of the library, is part of the Hofburg Palace. The hall is divided into two opposite ‘war’ and ‘peace’ sides, which also reflected in the wall frescoes. There are also marble statues of emperors located in the hall.

Everyone in the library …Dita Von Teese says…..Shhhhhh!!!


Slow Club – Two Cousins

Pics by Miss Stela 🙂

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    • Hi Julia :), thank you for your great comment :), I try my best, books and fashion are a great escape from everyday stressful life! Love your blog, I started to foolow you on Bloglovin!

    • Thank you for commenting 🙂 – I checked your blog and love it! I cannot imagine life without books, hope they will not loose their charm in today’s computer addicted society – good book + coffee = paradise 🙂

    • Rebecca I’m honored you stopped by and commented my outfit- I’m sooo in love with your blog and all of your outfits, it is amazing and refreshing to see another person who isn’t afraid of colors, patterns and details, love it and looking forward to all of your new posts!

  1. Great post ! I used to be a fashion librarian so I totally understand your passion for books ! Your printed shirt (“toutes les filles sont folles / all girls are crazy”) is fabulous ! Thanks a lot for following my blog, published in France !

    • Thank you for commenting :)! I wondered will someone see “..all girls are crazy” part :), I loved it when I first saw but you are the first one who noticed it! Love your posts, they are so informative, and I’m always behind on my latest fashion news, now with your blog I’m back on track :)!

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