She is so….. Desigual

My dear visitor – If you just occasionally check this blog, or even better, if you know me and often meet me on the streets of my hometown Split, you have learn by now one fact – I love colorful, quirky clothes and I adore Spanish fashion brand Desigual.

I first saw Desigual clothing item – a coat – maybe six or seven years ago on my faculty colleague, and I found out she bought it in Barcelona. I was literally stunned by the beauty of that coat – and was hooked forever 🙂 !

In those days it wasn’t easy to find Desigual in Croatia, but my faithful friend E-bay was quick to help, and my collection started to grow. To this day it remains my favorite fashion brand because represents everything I love in fashion : bold colors and patterns, amazing materials, and cut that emphasizes female curves and figure.

Desigual was founded in 1984., the year of my birth, and the Spanish word desigual translates as : different, unequal….Something I can easily relate to… Coincidence? I don’t think so 😉 !


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Desigual dress bought on E-bay, Spring/Summer 2012.


Summer Pin-up girls handbag by Miss Dee Hand Made Bags 🙂

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Purple suede heels bought at vintage fair in Zagreb for 10 KN (2 $) ! That was a great bargain 🙂 !

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Wonderful statement necklace by Ivanaart jewellery, bought at Getgetget Concept Store, Split, Croatia




Desigual is a clothing brand based in Barcelona, Spain. It was founded in 1984. by Thomas Meyer. Each season the Desigual design team, comprising 25 designers, prepares a collection of over 1,000 items, including clothes and accessories.

Desigual really took off in the nineties, with its distinctive collection of bold, colorful patterns, totally revolutionary designs and clever use of graffiti.

Desigual is already something of a household name in Spain and its logo is a familiar sight. Fun, fresh, authentic and rebellious, coupled with a sense of humor are the key brand values.

“La Vida Es Chula!” or “Life is Cool!” is Desigual’s main motto – and you cannot feel down or sad while wearing some of their colorful items, even in these rainy summer days 🙂 !


Some of my summer favorites by Desigual:






The dress on the right looks somehow familiar 😉 !




You cannot miss Desigual coat when you see one – this year at Royal Ascot 🙂 !


Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures !



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