Zip It !

My post from the last week, “Istanbul the Magnificent”, ended with the picture of all of the purchases I made in that beautiful city. One of those purchases is this beautiful, flower printed dress. I love to wear flower prints in all the seasons, but you cannot miss with them in hot summer days.

I was especially attracted to this dress because of one little detail which makes her a bit more special – zipper on her front side. It is quite normal to put hidden zippers to the back side of the dress, but this obvious, “in your face” front zipper was that final touch why I fell in love with this dress – he is not there just for function – he is there to make a fashion statement of his own!





Printed “City Women” summer dress with zipper detail, bought in Turkey







Leather and satin summer bag by “Guliver handbags”, Croatia


Y&K satin printed summer heels, bought at Private Sale website





Zipper detail


A humble Zipper, the mechanical wonder, has literally kept so much in our lives ‘together.’

Gideon Sundback, a Swedish-American electrical engineer, head designer in the “Fastener Manufacturing and Machine Company,” devoted himself to improving the fastener, and by December 1913 had designed the modern zipper.

By the early 20s zippers are starting to be used in men trousers, but rarely in women clothing – they were considered too fast and easy to get off making them vulgar for woman to wear 🙂 !

In the late 30s campaigns started  for the use of zippers in women designer gowns, and the rest is history – we cannot imagine our lives without them!


Today the zipper is everywhere, in clothing, luggage and leather goods and countless other objects – we can honestly say that “Zipper fashion” is back big time. But the visible zipper in fashion is a very different item to the concealed zip – they decorate clothing and are used as a powerful fashion statement piece.


Late singer Michael Jackson was a big fan of zippers all around his wardrobe

balmain 1


Balmain and their tribute to Michael


Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton

Rooney Mara givenchy

Actress Rooney Mara in Givenchy



Designs by Victoria Beckham with signature zipper at the back of the dresses


Michael Kors

j edgar arrivals 2 041111

Actresses Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hilary Swank


Amazing dress made entirely out of zippers!


Some rather interesting zipper shoes…


..and stunning jewelry!


Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures – they were taken in front of the small church of St. Nicholas, located on the hill Marjan, in my hometown Split.








15 thoughts on “Zip It !

  1. Some very exciting shoes there, Miss Dee. Gotta have finesse to wear them!
    Once again all that sunshine makes the colours show up gloriously. Thanks for dropping by our little vintage blog too here at Mimi’s Loft in the rainy city!!
    where next???Our Mimi has just got back from Barça!!

    • Thank you so much, I noticed that these little shoes of mine are a total hit 🙂 ! Well I’m trying to catch these last sunny days to do some photo shoots, autumn rains are slowly coming! Looking forward to your Barcelona post, my favorite city – I’m sure it was fantastic!
      Kisses girls, Dee

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