Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE ! – second wedding anniversary

I love September – It is my favorite month…not because I celebrate my birthday at the end of the month….I love it because I married the love of my love on that wonderful day, September 8th 2012.  🙂 !

My husband Marko and I wanted our wedding day to be relaxed and full of laughter, dance, good food and good music and to be shared with our closest family and friends. After seven years of relationship, and basically growing up together, we knew that in our wedding day we must stay true to ourselves. We wanted the outdoor venue, and we were blessed with a beautiful weather that day. The whole wedding had a vintage vibe – when you see our outfits you will get the picture! My favorite color is green and the whole wedding theme was green and white. We both love to dance and our first dance as a married couple was our little rendition of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by the group Queen – my all time favorite band.

Enough for introduction..hope you’ll enjoy selection of some of my favorite pics of that wonderful day…and read something about the history of modern day wedding dresses!


Yes, you see well – it’s blonde Miss Dee !

It all started with the shoes – these wonderful H&M green pumps. I wanted simple wedding dress but with my classical touch 😉 . I chose my favorite shape – classical 50s silhouette with green petticoat to match the shoes. The main goal was to look good and stay true to my style, but also to be able to dance the whole night – and I can say I achieved it ! The dress and the hair piece were made by my friend Ivana and her wonderful mother, from Iwanine Rukotvorine. The look was completed with pearl earrings (gift from my mother-in-law!), Make-up By Katja, and my fierce peroxide blonde hair-do, thanks to my wonderful hair stylist Željka!


My wonderful better half – dashing husband Marko 🙂 !


The 50s are in the air! Marko bought his fantastic shoes in Sarajevo when he saw them in the windows of the local shoemaker’ store. His white jacket was custom made at “Splitska Grandeca” boutique in Split. Red suspenders were my engagement gift  🙂 !

Peace lilly (in Croatian – kala) bouquet and all beautiful flower arrangements were made by TNT flower shop from Split.


Our lovely cousins were are bridesmaids – they wore Zara dresses!


Our first dance as a married couple – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen !



Later I changed my high heels to this flower printed and very comfortable Startas sneakers!



Sooo delicious wedding cake, made by Creme de la Creme !



Riva – our hometown Split


Beautiful old school interior of Bajamonti caffe – restaurant in Split






 Happy second wedding anniversary to us  🙂 !

And now….some of my favorite and iconic wedding dresses:

Women before Queen Victoria had worn white on their wedding day, but when the British royal chose white for her nuptials, she sparked a tradition that many Western cultures know today. Victoria married prince Albert in 1840. Recognizing her duty to the nation, Victoria helped revive the cottage industries by choosing English fabrics for her gown, including Spitalfields silk and Honiton lace.

victoria 1840 elizabeth

On the left wedding dress worn by Queen Victoria, on the right Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day

Queen Elizabeth’s wedding, held in 1947., was a ray of hope after Second World War and designer Norman Hartnell bore this in mind.
The dress was inspired by Botticelli’s painting La Primavera, in which the goddess Flora wears a flower-strewn frock symbolizing love and the advent of spring.

diana kate

Princess Diana and Duchess Catherine

The late Princess Diana and her designer, David Emanuel, incorporated all the details of an iconic royal gown, which showed a true 80s over – the – top style : frills, flounces and bows, sumptuous fabrics, jewels, embroidered lace, crinolines and corsetry, huge puffed sleeves and a never-ending train.

Sarah Burton’s contemporary wedding dress for Kate Middleton reflected a new generation of the British monarchy. The nipped-in waist and padded hips recalled Victorian corsetry, while the detail on the lace incorporated the four emblems of the UK – the rose, daffodil, thistle and shamrock. This dress is definitely one of my favorites!

grace-kelly-wedding-dress- jackie o

Princess Grace of Monaco and Jacqueline Kennedy on their wedding days

Fantastic dress that Grace Kelly worn on her wedding day was designed by top Hollywood designer of the 50s – Helen Rose. This wedding dress transformed the Hollywood star into real-life European royalty. The gown was made of a fitted lace bodice and bell-shaped satin skirt, fused together with a pleated waist.

Jacqueline’s slim fitting dress was made from 45m of ivory silk taffeta fashioned into a huge circular skirt, decorated with tiny wax flowers, and a tight bodice featuring a portrait neckline.

gene tierney oleg cassini audrey mel ferrer

Actresses Gene Tierney and Audrey Hepburn

This amazing full-sleeved lace gown was designed for Gene Tierney by her husband-to-be Oleg Cassini, though a speedy elopement meant it was never made and worn. Five years later, this beauty saw the light of day for Gene’s role in the movie Razor’s Edge, for which Oleg designed all of her costumes 🙂 !

For her 1954. wedding with Mel Ferrer, Audrey’s wedding dress was designed and made by the fashion house Balmain. The dress was a sweet tea-length skirt, with a tiny waist and wide chiffon shoulders that complemented her petite frame beautifully.  A timeless look for a timeless icon!

bianca-jagger- elvis

What about some music royalty? Bianca Jagger and Priscilla Presley!

At the time of her wedding to Mick, Bianca Jagger was four months pregnant and the shirt she intended to wear under her jacket no longer fit. Instead, the daring bride opted to wear nothing underneath, exposing a deep expanse of cleavage – whole look of bride and the groom was designed by Yves Saint Laurent.

Priscilla Presley was much more modest when she married Elvis – after a tedious hunt for the right wedding gown, Priscilla found the dress in a small boutique in L.A.- “it wasn’t extravagant, it wasn’t extreme- it was simple and to me beautiful.” The pure white gown was of a simple A-line silhouette that spilled out into a small train, with lace full-length sleeves and neckline – true 60s !

emma kenneth sarah jessica carrie

Actresses Emma Thompson and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

Emma Thompson’s colorful dress for her 1989 wedding to Kenneth Branagh bordered on the theatrical, with curtains her material of choice, chiffon puffed up sleeves and a jaunty feather hat — obviously inspired by Austria’s dirndls – British eccentricity at its finest!

Vivienne Westwood had put together the incredible champagne silk satin gown for Carrie Bradshaw! The dress on its own was actually very simple and beautiful with a built in corset, sweetheart neckline and voluminous puffball skirt with an asymmetric hemline that is so very Westwood. Costume designer Patricia Field gave it the Carrie treatment accessorizing it to the max with a green-feathered bird in the hair and an encrusted brooch on the neckline of the dress, teamed with bright red lipstick.

dita anne valentino

Dita Von Teese and Anne Hathaway

The burlesque star Dita Von Teese was hardly going to opt for something shy and retiring for her wedding to Marilyn Manson in 2005. Her exotic corseted purple taffeta gown was designed by Vivenne Westwood, which she accessorised with a tricorn Stephen Jones hat and blood red roses.

Valentino had designed a wedding dress for actress Anne Hathaway. The off-the-shoulder bridal gown featured intricate lace and embroidery with just a dash of pink tulle and was paired with a dramatic full-length veil and vintage-inspired headpiece.

kate keira

Kate Moss and Keira Knightley

Kate Moss has worn this 30s, Jazz Age inspired dress, in July 2011 for her wedding to Jamie Hince. Dress was designed by John Galliano. One of the key parts of the dress was, according to Galliano, ‘a beautiful rosary, which I thought must have been from a fallen angel’!

Keira Knightley went simple for her wedding – she was dressed in an above-the-knee strapless tulle dress, cropped Chanel jacket and ballet pumps.

gwen gavin galliano

One of my all time favorite wedding dresses is this stunning dress worn by Gwen Stefani – she stuck to her rock’n’roll roots for her wedding.The hem of her custom-made Christian Dior gown, designed by John Galliano, was hand painted in a striking magenta color, creating an ombre effect. The dress is very romantic and slightly shocking: it has been designed to make it appear as if the groom has already tried to start undressing the bride leaving her dress in disarray !!


I always had a soft spot for Angelina Jolie and I love her wedding dress and amazing veil! Created by Atelier Versace master tailor Luigi Massi, Angelina’s gown featured a fitted bodice with simple thin straps, the bust complete with ruching, with a plain waist, kicking out into a flowy full skirt. Luigi then hand-sewed a number of the children’s designs onto both the back of the dress and the full-length veil – unique indeed!

…..and if you plan your future wedding you can find inspiration with two of my most favorite wedding designers – if you like colors like me of course  🙂 !

vera wang

Colorful dreams by Vera Wang…

wai ching

…and amazing silk wedding dresses by Wai Ching Clothing (I almost ordered the third dress, it was my favorite !)

Hope you enjoyed reading  this post as I did writing it!

Kisses, Dee

20 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE ! – second wedding anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary, you got married on my birthday 😀 your wedding looked like lots of fun, and I love your outfit, definitely unique and with a lot of personality. You are awesome as a blonde too 😀 xx and happy birthday for later this month!

  2. sretna godišnjica:))))) a kako ste izgledali i zračili bar preko slika(virujem u živo i više) neću ni pričati.veliki poljubac šaljem.u oba obraza:**..volite se i dalje:D

  3. On my mum’s birthday 😛 have a great anniversary. I’ve never had the wish for a wedding so all of these bridal pictures are alien to me. But I have definite favourites out of the pictures and celebrities.
    I wouldn’t wear the sleeves on the Audrey Hepburn dress but it suits her
    I find it hard to believe that Bianca Jagger couldn’t have found a replacement shirt
    I like Kate Middleton’s dress a lot
    Dita Von Teese’s dress is magnificent but it doesn’t look too personaliased
    Keria Knightly’s ensemble is wonderful, so simple but so right
    I don’t like Gwen Stefani’s skirt but I love the top part with the sleeves effortlessly sewn into a state of disarray, I’d love a dress with this kind of sleeves, so unusual
    And of course your dress is one of the best!

    • Haha, thank you so much Selina 🙂 , congrats to your mum ! I was definitely one of those girl who never fantasized about the weddings and wedding dresses, and never intended to have that proper wedding gown – but the perfect guy happened 🙂 and with the dress I just wanted to stay true to myself! Kisses!

  4. Such fantastic photos–kudos to your photographer!! I agree, you two show so much personality in your wedding style and it turned out just lovely! My husband and I were not as lucky and were rained on but luckily our day was still quite perfect with all of the love we shared that day. Congratulations to you!

    • Thank you so much darling! First I have to say – you have such wonderful blog, I really enjoy them – they are full of inspiration! Rain or no rain I think we can agree – it’s all about love we have for each other, that’s all that matters 🙂 !
      Kisses, Dee

  5. Wow, you looked GORGEOUS, and your wedding looked absolutely perfect! So happy, so fun! I love these photos, you and your hubby look great together! 🙂

    • Thank you so much :)) ! It really was such a great and beautiful day, and I can confirm that the married life is even better 🙂 ! I love reading your reviews and I can see we have very similar movie taste!
      Kisses from Croatia!

      • Awwww thanks! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying it and that it is treating you well, that is just awesome. Must say, the wedding suited you, so much style, definitely something a little different 😀
        x x

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