Cloche hats and Green-eyed Cats

Having a short hair has its benefits. If you are always late and running from one place to another like me, it is really a perfect style – you can wash and dry it in a matter of minutes, without loosing to much of that precious time. Short hair is a blessing during the hot Summer days – in those days I am envied by many of my girl friends. Only time of the year I catch myself missing my long hair is during windy Winter days when I think my poor ears will probably fall off. I love to wear hats, especially beanies and fedoras, but this Winter I fell in love with this beautiful cloche hat by Sisley. Cloche hats first became popular in the 1920s, when they were worn by rebellious flapper girls who wanted to emulate boyish short haired look, but also to be feminine and sophisticated – I hope I also managed to that 🙂 !




Robert Sever printed leather handbag from HERA collection, bought at Karla store, Croatia




Printed dress by the brand Tuzzi, bought at Modiana store, Croatia


MAC Collection printed ballet flats




Cloche hat by Sisley; kitty earrings were a gift from my sister



Cloche Hat – Past and Present:

tumblr_mxjdjs0lj91spmszio1_500A Cloche hat (Cloche meaning bell in French) was created in 1908, but became fashionable in the 1920s. These hats were wildly popular with the young flapper girls of the 1920s, because they allowed women to tuck their hair up into the hat to give the appearance of having short hair, which was quite scandalous in those days (cough, cough 😉 ).

hats of 1930sCloche hats were frequently re-created by turning the brim upwards or  with different kinds of embellishment. Using a ribbon to signal the marital status of the wearer was also very common!


Cloche hats look extremely ladylike, elegant and sophisticated, something that modern fashion certainly lacks and misses a lot. They are ideal to wear to formal parties and weddings, as well as at cocktail parties and unofficial meetings. Their perfect match are ladylike dresses, skirt suits, coats and trench coats.

So go outside and wake up your inner lady 🙂 !

ralph lauren final

Ralph Lauren

cloche today

elizabeth zara

Then and Now: Queen Mother and her great grand-daughter, Zara Philips

carrie leighton

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw and Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf in TV series Gossip Girl


Etsy Favorites:

Hidden NZ


The Making Boutique


Lady Katherine Hats


Tutu Handmade Hats


Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures !

12 thoughts on “Cloche hats and Green-eyed Cats

  1. I am seriously contemplating buying a hat like this, also one of my closest friends wants to give me a fuschia one as a present. I’m just not sure I could pull it off like you’re rocking yours! Love the styling!
    P.S. what’s the best book of the year? (I read it on the poster behind you on the eighth photo)

    • Thank you darling ! I always thought there is no way that I can pull this kind of hat, but couldn’t resist to try it on – decision I’m not sorry about 😉 Fuchsia is an amazing color, you definitely need to accept that hat, it’s a great present! I tried to find the picture where I can clearly read what is the best book of the year but I couldn’t, I guess I will pay batter attention when I go to the town next time and let you know ! Kisses!

  2. I can never find a hat to fit my insanely tiny head, even though I like the look of cloche hats. I bought myself a 30s style turban recently which I’m trying to get used to (still too big for me) as a compromise. I’m not generally a hat person but I do like to see them on other people

    • I have the same problem as you do, and I would often ended up buying hats from kids departments because they were the only ones which would fit me! Turban is a great idea, I could give it a try! Thank you for commenting, kisses!

  3. Divan šešir i sjajno ti stoji..ja imam svakakvih, ali takav još nemam…vidjela sam par divnih, ali nekako mi se uvijek činilo puno za izdvojiti…mada zapravo i nije, jer jedan takav šešir možemo svugdje nositi.

    Vezano uz dvadesete, preporučila bi A Diamont As Big As Ritz kolekciju priča od Fitzgeralda…tu se baš spominje ta borba djevojaka sa kratkom kosom:)

    Prekrasna haljina…i torba mi se jako sviđa, sa tim divnim dizajnom…i baletanke…sve skupa savršeno.

    • Hvala ti Ivana, uvik se radujem tvojim komentarima 🙂 ! Probala sam ovaj šešir misleći da će to bit čista katastrofa, na kraju sam se oduševila. Hvala ti na preporuci, obožavam 20e i eru flapperica, mislim da će to bit idealna literatura za mene! Kiss!!

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