Eternal Bag-a-holic

If I could give myself a diagnosis, it would be –  Bag-a-holic. I love bags and find them to be extension of my home, my private and professional life..and of course…extension of my inner self.

I really don’t care about high-end brands – besides quality only thing I care about the bag is the story behind her. I love craftsmanship, colors, little details. Bags that stand out from the crowd. Bags which are close to me and have their own story in which I can find myself.

Recently I fell in love with sewing and designing my very own handbags – every one of them is product of love. I hope that one day I will be able to reach at least a part of craftsmanship of some of my favorite handbag designers.

o 6

Handbag by “Braccialini”…I just love her…

o 19

ob 6

ob 5

ob 3

Dress by Desigual, bought on E-bay

ob 4

o 15

o 13

ob 2

Ballet flats bought in Istanbul for 30 kn (5 $) – that was a good shopping 🙂

ob 1

Handmade cherry earrings bought at Etsy, watch with motif of “Prince Tower” bought in Istanbul

o 1

And now, some of my favorite handbag brands 🙂 – prepare yourself for full color seizure !

Mary Frances Handbags

Mary Frances designs each item personally and they are all handmade ensuring the highest quality. Mary Frances grew up being influenced by the vibrant spirit and excitement of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her creations are truly works of art that any woman would be proud to wear. Mary’s philosophy is, “Life is too short to dress boring!”

mix 1

mix 2

mix 3

Braccialini Handbags

Braccialini is a 50-year old leather accessories company based in Florence, Italy. Main designer and founder of the company is Carla Braccialini. An incident where Carla’s bag was stolen inspired her to create a bag in the shape of a house and the brand’s tagline “In your handbag lies all your life” was born. The bag was well received in the market and gave Carla the opportunity to play around with her creativity and passion. Until this day brand maintained its essence and continued to produce bags with color, fantasy and creativity.

mix 1

mix 2

mix 3

mix 4

Woody Ellen Handbags

Woody Ellen is a Belgian illustrator and figurative painter. She creates her very own cabaret. The border between thoughts and reality are vague. A world where everything is a little more vivid and vibrant than in our own pragmatic surroundings. Just like thoughts pop in and out, she paints pictures and produces this beautiful vintage handbags.

mix 1

mix 2

Prada Handbags – SS 2008 Fairy Collection and SS 2014 Face Prints by Jeanne Deallante

mix 1

mix 2

Dejvid & Cili  fashion design, Croatia

Amazing brand from Rijeka, Croatia which I discovered couple of years ago and since then I’m amazed by the sheer talent, love and quality behind their products.  Dejvid and Cili Ivanovski design leather handbags, sandals and jewelry. They find their main inspiration in beauty of nature. In their own words, their designs are  “…for women (and men !) who know how to recognize quality and design.”

dc 6

mix 1

mix 2

mix 3

Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to share your toughts and suggestions!

Thank you Miss Stela for the pictures 🙂



12 thoughts on “Eternal Bag-a-holic

  1. koja divota! Stvarno odličan izbor torba, sviđaju mi se ove iz Rijeke baš su umjetničke…ja sam u srednjoj pomalo šivala torbe, ali nisam daleko dogurala…za raditi sa kožom trebaju posebni alati i tako to, a ni šivaću mašinu nisam nikad nabavila. Meni je isto želja jednog dana malo se više posvetiti tome, volim sama izrađivati stvari.

    Tvoja kombinacija je odlična, haljina i torba san snova<3

    • Hvala ti draga, kad sam ugledala ovu torbu znala sam da mora bit moja i gotovo 🙂 ! Nikad nije kasno, evo ja sam unazad godinu dana kupila običnu mašinu i šijem kao luda, posebno torbe 🙂 – igle doduše dosta pucaju, ali itekako je vrijedno sriće koju mi to donosi! Ove torbe iz Rijeke su mi fantazija, rade i odlicne sandale, volila bih da su jos malo razvikaniji, stvarno zaslužuju! Kiss!

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  4. Poštovana,
    Danas sam slučajno naišao na vašu stranicu i tekst koji ste posvetili našim torbama, i samo bih želeo da se zahvalim na lepim rečima i deljenju našeg dizajna!
    Veliki pozdrav, 😉
    Dejvid Ivanovski

    • Dejvide hvala vam na divnom komentaru! Ne mogu se dovoljno nadiviti vašim prekrasnim torbama i sandalama i mogu samo zamisliti trud koji uloženih u njih, nadam se da cu i sama u buducnosti biti ponosna vlasnica jednog vaseg umjetnickog djela! Veliki pozdrav iz Splita, Dina 🙂 !

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