“Wuthering Heights” on my mind

Approaching Valentine’s Day, this horrible, stormy and grey weather in my hometown inspired me for today’s blog post.

There are so many wonderful love stories in history of the world, but I doubt there is one so fatalistic, wild, and eventually unhappy as the love story between Catherine and Heathcliff, main characters of Emily Bronte’s masterpiece, and her only work, „Wuthering Heights“. I was very young when I first read this book and I found it way too intense and hard to read, but several years and more love experiences later 🙂 I learned to love it.

The whole book is situated in rather depressing and wild English moors – they are actually the thing Emily Bronte knew the best because she grew up in a similar surrounding. It is fascinating how much passion she put into her book and in her characters – especially for a person who rarely left her home and never had any known relationships. One can only wonder how deep and intriguing her imagination and her own inner world were.

She left this world way too early, but she lives through her passionate heroes and new generations of loyal fans and admirers.

I caught an influenca after shooting this set of photographs – suffering for the art indeed 🙂 !


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