“I am Catwoman. Hear me roar.”

The night crept over the Gotham City calmly like a silken scarf. From the distance, rhythmical clacking of the city subway echoes, blended between the sounds of police sirens, chaos of the traffic jams and barks of strayed dogs. Fumes of the factories, the smog, the waste and the thick led sky. This, is my city; this is my jungle. For all of you who might not know, the name is Selina… Selina Kyle. Who am I actually? Perhaps you caught a glimpse of me in your wildest fantasies… and your most hidden fears. Because this is my jungle. And in that jungle, I am the meanest cat of them all. I am – the Catwoman; hear me roar!



“…just the innocent girl lurking around 😉  – and plans a certain transformation! “


“Catwoman” T-shirt by Mango


Custom painted “Cat+Bat” Startas sneakers by Moo Moo shoes


“Morticia” bat earring by Alchemy Gothic; hand painted leather bag by “Poppy Bags”



“..and who do we have here..well Miss Dee..cough, cough…Miss Selina Kyle herself !”


“Beware! Catwoman is here !! ”


Fake leather pants by Zara; custom made black leather jacket bought in local tailor shop in my hometown Split



Leather and studs booties by “Peko – Barbara Šuštar collection”


“Kitty” T-shirt by Mango




Special thanks to my little sister 🙂 for this “Batman” necklace; kitty ears by H&M

Fixture in Gotham City since her debut in the Spring of 1940, Catwoman’s career has seen her fulfill a number of roles within the caped crusader’s world, but always with the same effect: Catwoman is trouble, but the kind of trouble that Batman needs :). Historically a supervillainess, the character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, partially inspired by Kane’s cousin, Ruth Steel, as well as actress Jean Harlow.


Catwoman in her early comic book editions…


…and her new modern look !

Born in Gotham City, Selina Kyle’s or Catwoman’s early life was filled with tragedy. In her youth, her mother committed suicide, and her father drank himself to death. Living on the streets and surviving through petty crime, she eventually used her sharp wits and amazing natural ability as a gymnast to become the slickest cat burglar the police department had ever seen. With Batman’s arrival in Gotham, she quickly found herself smitten with the caped crusader and took on a costumed persona of her own. In turn, Batman returned her romantic feelings, but became conflicted with his role as a crime fighter, opting to let her escape on a regular basis!


Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar as Catwoman in 60s “Batman” TV series; Anne Hathaway in 2012 Christopher Nolan movie “The Dark Knight Rises”


My favorite on screen Catwoman – Michele Pfeiffer in 1992 Tim Burton movie “Batman returns”


Naomi Campbell dressed as Catwoman for the December 2008 issue of Russian Vogue


The Blonds F/W 2014-2015 collection

givenchy fw 11012 1

givenchy fw 11012 1 2

Givenchy F/W 2011-2012 collection


From L to R – Alexander McQueen Spring 2007; PPQ F/W 2011-2012 collection; Zuhair Murad F/W 2013-2014 collection


Catwoman necklace, pin and earrings found on Etsy


Catwoman sneakers and heels (source)

amazon 2

Catwoman bags found on Amazon

amazon 3

Kitty dresses found on Romwe and Polyvore


T-shirts found on Amazon and Zazzle


…my favorite love pair… Cat + Bat !

Thank you Miss Stela for the wonderful pictures !


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